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Balance: Foundation of Creation

Balance: Foundation of Creation

The Temple Menorah with its center column and six side branches had to be made of one single piece of solid gold (Numbers 8:4) because it signifies G-d’s radiant Tree of Life consisting of all His attributes, each of which contains all the others since He and His attributes are a perfect unity. It follows that no one attribute is ever revealed without the presence of all the others, and thus there cannot be pure Chessed-Kindness without any admixture of Gevurah-Severity, nor is there ever Judgment without Mercy.

It can never be all good in life, nor is it ever all bad: there must always be ascents and descents. When we accept this, we can know that all our ups and downs are sent from G-d. This is the secret of the mystical concept of Math’kela, Balance, on which the repair of the world depends.

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