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Commonwealth of Israel Reconciliation Convention

Commonwealth of Israel Reconciliation Convention

I have spent this morning at the “Jerusalem Cinematheque”– with its stunning views of Mount Zion — together with around 100 delegates from countries as far afield as Switzerland, Germany¬† and Holland, USA, Canada, Australia and Congo discussing the reconciliation between the House of Judah and the House of Ephraim and the Ten Lost Tribes prophesied in all the Biblical prophets.

“Ephraim” and the “Tribes” were well represented. The pity was that despite months of lobbying of orthodox Jewish rabbis in Israel to attend, only a tiny handful was present today despite the Convention being on our very doorstep. It seems that the very beautiful souls from all over the world who were assembled here today will have to continue knocking away very insistently until their voice is heard in Jewish communities.

There are many Jewish people including hundreds of thousands of rabbis and yeshiva students who rarely if ever open their TaNaKh and are quite unaware of the may prophecies about the destined return of the “lost” Ten Tribes. Even those who are aware of them may not see them as having any bearing on the worldwide present-day phenomenon of people all over the world having no obvious hereditary¬† connection with the Jewish people are experiencing unexplained yearnings of tremendous power and intensity for connection with the Torah, the people of Israel and the land of Israel.

A massive campaign of education and publicity is needed to alert Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world to this arousal, for it is surely bound up with the Redemption of the People of Israel!

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